Thursday, November 19, 2015

Police get biker crime boss off streets... by arresting him in his jail cell!

The big story out of Montreal today is that the police, after many years of undercover investigations costing the taxpayer millions of dollars, have busted up a major organized crime ring.

Yup, you won't be able to score a bag of weed or a gram of coke in Montreal for years.

They bagged the big dogs for sure this time. They even got the biggest of the big dogs off the street; Hells Angels Quebec boss Maurice Bouchard.

But wait a minute... wasn't he already doing a double lifer in prison? So an alleged crime boss can continue to run his alleged crime syndicate whilst behind bars?

Does it not stand to reason that the other alleged crime king-pins arrested today will be able to maintain their networks while in prison also?

So what was accomplished today?

Well, nothing really, but it did help the public get their filthy minds off that story about Montreal cops boinking under-age girls while on duty.

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