Thursday, November 5, 2015

Patriotism for rent; the Pentagon payola scandal

I was always impressed by those US Air Force flyovers that you see at the beginning of every NASCAR race, usually between the anthem and "gentlemen, start your engines!"

That is so cool! Right on cue a squadron of F-18s or a stealth fighter swoops low over the track! Those patriotic NASCAR owners must pay a fortune for that blood-stirring fly-by!

Or so I thought.

Turns out I was wronger than wrong; those owners don't pay a dime. In fact, the US Air Force pays them!

And it ain't just NASCAR. The NFL, NBA, MLB, and even the lowly National Hockey League have trousered millions in Pentagon payola to demonstrate their "patriotism."

Yup, the taxpayer forks over big bucks so that the billionaire owners of America's sports-entertainment complex can dazzle them with demonstrations of taxpayer funded military technology.

That's not patriotism...

That's disgusting!

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