Monday, February 1, 2016

Cam Newton; my kinda niggah

What I like about Cam is he doesn't much apologize for anything.

That's what I liked about the black dudes at Budd Automotive and Frankel Steel and Saint John Shipbuilding. They were just guys who did their job, just like you did yours.

As a brother on the shop floor I respected them and they respected me.

What's "black" got to do with anything?

Mind you, we were "brothers" in the working class, not brothers in the racial sense. Once you leave the shop floor, "black" has too much to do with just about everything.

Renting an apartment.

Getting a job.

Getting pulled over by the cops.

Getting shot by the cops after you get pulled over...

There's a lot of ugly shit that falls on the heads of those black brothers who were my equals at Budd and Frankel and the shipyard that never falls on mine.

Just because I have white skin.

It's not the professional social justice activists who are going to change this.

It's guys like Cam Newton.

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