Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Return of Quings - cashing in on Queer Fear

This "neomasculinity movement" that's been getting way too much free PR is nothing more than a bunch of insecure dudes worried about their sexuality in this age of gender fluidity.

More specifically, it's about one particular insecure dude who recognizes that he can cash in on the queer-phobia of his generation.

It's amazing the free publicity he's wringing out of the mainstream media. You don't need to talk about him, you don't need to give him free attention, you need to ignore him and let him sink into well-deserved obscurity.

The putative mastermind of this imaginary "movement" is obviously media savvy enough to know what buttons to push to unleash millions of dollars of free advertising. Hey, he's an entrepreneur building a brand - can't blame him for that! And all these well-intentioned mayors and MPs and congressmen and media pundits are apparently not media savvy enough to realize they're helping him do just that.

They should know better.

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