Saturday, February 20, 2016

Trump will bury Hillary in November

Today's results bode well for the prospect of serious change in DC.

On the Dem side, Hillary is the anointed candidate of and for the establishment. Bernie is more likely to be Trump's VP candidate than Hillary's.

What a lot of folks in the mainstream media seem to struggle with is that Main Street America is sick to death of "the establishment." That would be the establishment on both sides of the aisle.

For far too long the "establishment" has been running a two horse race out of one stable; the one owned by the corporate aristocracy. That's the military-industrial aristocracy, the oilygarchy, the pharma mafia, and all the rest of them. They've got Hillary firmly in their pockets.

Donald Trump, fortunately, is something else again.

A free-range outsider who isn't in hock to any interest group in the beltway. A real estate promoter who has always counted on a viable middle class to buy the stuff he puts up. A viable middle class, in Trump's world view, trounces all that war-mongering exceptionalism that flows so readily out of the mouths of every other candidate.

If there's ever going to be change in the way things work in Washington, Donald Trump can make it happen.

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  1. Two years later I have to admit The joke's on me.