Friday, February 5, 2016

There's good news and bad news out of the sunny new Canada!

Here's the good news; we're lightening up on the sanctions we had on those towelheads of terror over in Iran. Yup, even though Big John Baird done shuttered the embassy, those folks come to their senses and figured they'd rather give up their nukes than mess around with Canada.

Too bad the good news comes a day after Iran announces they're buying 8000 airplanes from every airplane manufacturer in the world EXCEPT Canada's Bombardier.

More good news; Canada is gonna reopen their Tehran embassy. Unfortunately, the former embassy is now leased out to Starbucks, so the government has retained AE Lepage to find a new venue in Tehran.

Here's the bad news; POTHEAD minions have already signed off on the TPP. The usual experts have already decreed that this is nothing other than GOOD GOOD and GOODER news.

I've been around long enough to see that every "free trade" agreement gives what's left of Canada's working class another kick in the teeth, so if you're one of the few working class Canadians with any teeth left, why not belly up to the bar and cheer for the TPP!

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