Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Fox News goes Trump positive

Even a couple of weeks ago you could not have imagined a headline like this; What is a Trump Republican? GOP front-runner building diverse coalition.

What that tells me is Fox is trimming its sails and keeping their options open. We may be a long way from an endorsement, but at the same time we've come a long way from the network's obvious attempts to trip up Trump in that first debate.

Maybe that was Rupert's way of testing Trump's mettle. In any event, the most influential media network in America is now inventing Trump-friendly memes (Trump Republican) and claiming he is building a diverse coalition, neither of which were conceivable in the very recent past.

For many years the Murdoch empire has been happy enough to serve as the house organ for the GOP establishment. If Trump has a strong showing on "super tuesday," Murdoch may well gamble on abandoning that establishment in favor of a Trump endorsement. That would herald the crumbling of the old order and the birth of a new era.

Just imagine; a NYC liberal at the helm of the GOP, with an endorsement from Fox News!

How messed up is that?

That would be the biggest yank on America's cultural leash since Chris Rock noticed that the top rapper was a white guy and the top golfer was black.

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