Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Why we need a condo salesman in the White House

I'm amazed at the opprobrium some of my "progressive" friends have been directing my way since I started posting positive stuff about Donald Trump.

Positive in the sense that, with apologies to Bernie, Trump is the candidate from either side who has the most potential to affect REAL change on America's criminally dysfunctional political system.

That's because he's the only candidate calling out the entire system as criminally dysfunctional.

But my friends are all "oh he's a racist and a sexist and blah, blah, blah, and oh he's going to ban Muslims from the US and build a fence in the middle of the Rio Grande!"

Relax already!

Stop hyperventilating already!

Ever been to the unveiling of a new condo development? Remember all the bells and whistles and rainbows and unicorns you were promised in the sales pitch?

And how much of that was delivered when you took possession?


That's why I'm not worried about the Muslims and the Mexicans.

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  1. Well I expect you feel totally fucking stupid now, you hipster twat.