Saturday, February 13, 2016

His excellency Paul Kagame and the taint of genocide

There's no doubt that Paul Kagame, favorite African house-pet among the bigs in the Nations of Virtue, was mixed up to the ying-yang in that Rawandan genocide a few years back.

Kagame is in Toronto this weekend, and I'm not, so I lost my chance to confront him while he's enjoying face time with the NBA types who are affording him a warm welcome.

Giants of Africa and all that patronizing shit.

Nevertheless, this story from Canada's national newspaper of record does manage to raise a few questions, although I was flabbergasted that the word "Congo" never comes up.

But still, good for the Globe!

It's gotta be tough to take on a guy who has become an icon of virtue.

What you'll really have to search hard for is any video evidence of that sit-down where Kagame and Simon Wiesenthal were congratulating one another for their respective roles in ending genocides once and for all...

That is truly cringe-worthy.

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