Saturday, March 19, 2016

At least some of the plutocrats realize the jig is up

The system is broken, and at least some of the .001 percenters are sensing which way the winds are blowing.

Right now, the folks sharpening their pitchforks are gathering around either Sanders or Trump.

Either way, it's gonna be a bad ending for the plutocrats.

Hanauer gets it exactly right. He may be a billionaire but he's worried about making it to his private jet in time to avoid the pitchforks coming his way.

The "establishment" in the Beltway is on the cusp of being overthrown. The pissed-off masses are coalescing around Bernie and Donald.

Bernie is burnt toast because the Dem Machine that he's hoping to commandeer is obviously in the hands of Hillary.

The GOP Machine, on the other hand, is being commandeered by a New York liberal who has thus far succeeded in outwitting the very machine that he has hijacked... If I'm not mistaken the Newtster gave Trump his seal of approval today.

Is this a crazy world or what!?

That's why every progressive should get behind Trump.

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