Tuesday, March 1, 2016

What would President Trump's foreign policy look like?

Trump has been a little thin on details about what his foreign policy might look like, but he's dropped a couple of powerful clues.

He's claimed that he'll be able to get along with Putin.

He's promised to be neutral on Israel.

Hey, if America had a president who was neutral on Israel and could get along with Putin, you could probably cut defense spending by at least 50%!

That Middle East nightmare that the American taxpayer has been subsidizing for generations would no longer be the American taxpayer's problem!

Nor would containing Putin's alleged plans for world domination...

That's why the Beltway Establishment is shitting bricks.

The military industrial complex that's been steering foreign policy for fifty years will have lost their milk cow.

And instead of perpetually financing perpetual war and perpetually fattening up the warmongers, the American taxpayer will instead be able to afford housing, education, and health care!

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