Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Hulk Hogan sex tape found newsworthy by CBC

Did a little experiment about half an hour ago. I noticed that the CBC had a link to Hogan's sex tape trial on the home page of CBC news.

How is that news, I wondered, when they totally missed Hollande the Conqueror conferring the Legion of Honour medal on the Clown Prince of Saudi Arabia the other day? So I thought I'd check around and see if any other news platforms were giving the Hulkster's ordeal home page links.

Went to CTV. Nope.

Global News. Nope.

Thought I'd try a couple of US networks.

CNN. Nothing on the home page.

Fox News; again, nothing on the home page.

Proving yet again that CBC leads the pack in breaking the really important stories!

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