Saturday, March 26, 2016

Travails of a pot-addled hillbilly

First off, let's celebrate the fact that I'm merely a pot-addled hillbilly.

Not a crack-addled or meth-addled hillbilly.

The pot-addled hillbilly takes a dim view of those other addictions.

The dear Lord above put pot down here on His good green earth for a reason.  The weed 'o wisdom just sprouts up in the fields of Jamaica and Mexico and the lower mainland of BC and the temperate forests of Washington and Oregon and northern California.

It's not like you have to cook it up in your bathtub.

With battery acid as an ingredient.

That's the difference between good drugs and bad drugs.

And that's why I'm a little leery of those folks who just want to willy-nilly legalize everything.

On the other hand, what's to be gained by criminalizing meth addiction? From what I hear, there's been a ton of really normal folks fall into this rut. Meth, crack, Fentanyl, heroin... the folks formerly known as middle class have taken to drugs big time now that their futures have been eclipsed by various "free trade" deals that have impoverished them.

That's probably why those folks are turning to Donald and Bernie big time.

Their politicians have failed them.

As for me, fuck, I struggle to differentiate between a meme and a trope, but at least I can tell a decent spliff when I burn one...

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