Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Wily Erdogan flies to US to mend fences with Fethullah Gulen

If you've been paying attention at all, you'll know that everything that's gone off the rails in the Islamic Republic of Turkey for the past ten or fifteen years has been masterminded by the double-wily Fethullah Gulen and his extra-wily band of Gulenists.

Popular uprisings against grossly corrupt real estate projects? A Gulenist plot!

ISIS terror attacks in Turkey? A Gulenist plot!

PKK terror attacks in Turkey? A Gulenist plot!

Erdogan family members exposed up to their necks in the ISIS stolen oil trade? A Gulenist plot!

Mainstream Turkish journos questioning Erdogan's disastrous decisions? A Gulenist plot!

Random citizens questioning the divinity of the wily Erdogan? A Gulenist plot!

German media mocking the Emperor? A Gulenist plot!...

Truth is, the reason the wily Erdogan needs a thousand room palace is because every one of those rooms is full of filing cabinets over-flowing with files on the multitudinous Gulenist plots!

That's why Erdogan will take a few hours out of his busy schedule being snubbed by Obama to pop over to the Poconos and have a sit-down with the Caliph of the Gulenites.

But, sorry to say, it's way too little and much too late.

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