Saturday, March 5, 2016

Dropping the ball(s) on gender parity

It's Saturday, and you know what that means - I hit the road bright and early and head into town to fetch my Saturday edition of Canada's newspaper of record. That's a purchase that's up to $4.75 now, and I've taken to berating the Korean guy with a "holy shit! there better be some good news in here for that kinda money!" as I hand him a fiver.

Can't say if the news is particularly good or bad, as I'm only into the business section so far, but it didn't take long to find five dollars worth of irony. Tavia Grant and David Parkinson have a feature story called Work in Progress; The global struggle for gender parity about the shocking lack of women in economics, if you can imagine such a thing in this enlightened era. Their expose begins on page B1 and continues on B3.

In between, B2 features a quarter page advert from the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards congratulating one Daniel Dubois on his ascension to the Canadian championship of said awards. Young Daniel will be off to the World Finals in Bangkok shortly!

Good luck Dan!

There's a picture of Dan with the six runners up. Every last one is a dude!

WTF? If I was the title sponsor I'd cut them another cheque just to get my logo OUT of their ads!

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