Saturday, March 19, 2016

Who is in the passing lane on the Alzheimer highway?

Make no mistake, it is the Farm Manager who keeps the pot-addled hillbilly focused and on topic.

So when the pot-addled hillbilly can't remember what he planned to rant about on any particular day, it's natural that he'd want to consult with the FM to get the low-down on the day's targets.

It's generally a pretty small target pool; American Imperialism, capitalism, capitalism in the service of American Imperialism, Eisenhower's expose of the Military Industrial Complex, the Military Industrial Complex, hedge-fund shit-bags who have enriched themselves by destroying the American working class, our cats, dogs, Junior, and so on...

Or as they would say in German academic papers, "usw..."

But we've entered a new era where the Farm Manager can't remember...

Oh great...

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