Monday, July 30, 2012

Bell tolls for Rwanda's President Kagame

The winds of change are swirling around Rwandan Pres Paul Kagame. He's still the favored house-boy of certain past-their-prime Western leaders like Bill Clinton and Phony Tony, but the jig is pretty much up.

Rwanda has been deep into stirring things up in the worlds longest running conflict next door, pretty much as long as that conflict has been running, and of course with the full connivance of the UK and the US.

But those pesky do-gooders at Amnesty and Human Rights International just refuse to leave well enough alone.

The bad press has been piling up, and a number of rich white donor states are cutting back on their "aid" to one of Black Africa's favorite good news stories.

Kagame, your time is up. Meet Manuel Noriega, Saddam Hussein, that Colonel from Libya...

It's a long list.

You're only useful until you're not useful anymore.

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