Sunday, July 29, 2012

Thomas L. Friedman is still a twit

But what the hell do I know? The guy has three Pulitzer prizes for God's sake...

It's almost a year ago that I wrote my first Friedman rant, and almost a year later I find his musings as stupid as ever.

He has learned something though. He has actually learned a lesson from Iraq; "you can't go from Saddam to Switzerland without getting stuck in Hobbes..."


Bet the Pulitzer committee is chewing that one over right now.

Syria is Iraq, Friedman wants us to know. Well, it's not. In Iraq we spent a trillion dollars to deliver the country into the orbit of Iran.

If we are to pull off a repeat of this success in Syria, Friedman thinks our rebels will need the help of Saudi, Turkish, and American intelligence officers on the ground. I think they've had that all along and still they're stuck.

And what exactly is this "feared, armed, and trusted" midwife bullshit? Does Friedman seriously think that anyone in the Middle East "trusts" America? For Christ's sake, Thomas, give your head a shake. Our only "friends" in the neighborhood are the Israelis, and a quick scan of Israeli media will reveal that there's not a lot of "trust" even in that relationship!

So the destruction of Iraq wasn't an exercise in big-power bullying after all; it was an exercise in midwifery...

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