Monday, July 30, 2012

Today's top stories...

It's hard to pick 'em, isn't it?

You've got you're Pussy Riot trial over there in the former evil empire.

Not sure who Putin has doing PR on this file but I have to say they're fucking up big-time. Hell, I could do a better job...

Then there's the steady stream of athletes booted from that orgy of corporate self-congratulations, also know as the "Olympics", not for cheating, but for tweeting.

Seems those corporate sponsors are still aboard the Political Correctness bandwagon, so any tweet slagging an opponent that can in any way be interpreted as "racist" has got the tweeter out of the Olympic Village quicker than a dozen syringes and a couple of empty blood bags.

Then you've got your plucky ragtag rebels over there in Syria, fighting the good fight for democracy, sponsored by those democratic bellwethers Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

That's a good one, isn't it? But how we fall for the bullshit...

Romney's "I'm Presidential material just watch me" tour is a candidate. This guy could, given a few hung chads and a sympathetic judge, be the next leader of the free world.

But no, I think the BIG story is this; that clothesline has been up for the better part of a week, and survived numerous wash hangings. A couple more days and the farm manager is going to let me sleep in the house again.

That's today's top story.

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