Monday, July 30, 2012

Mitt Romney's foot-in-mouth world tour

David Frum, please come out of your self-imposed semi-retirement and take over the speech-writing duties on the Romney campaign.

The guy is obviously writing his own stuff, and I'm afraid things are going from bad to worse.

There he was snuggled up between Bibi and Sheldon yesterday, and the speech he made seemed to forget that there might have been others listening besides Bibi and Sheldon.

Mind you, that 100 million dollar carrot that Sheldon's been dangling in front of the Mormon may have impacted his judgement somewhat.

I can tell you that the Jewish farm manager was so pissed off by Romney's speech she threw her shoes at the television. At least that takes a bit of heat off me.

I guess it would have been impolite, when in the presence of the two greatest living Jews, to bring up the fact that Jews are setting themselves alight in the Jewish homeland these days because the likes of Adelson and the politicians his money can buy have created a state in which those not born rich are destined to get poorer.

To say nothing about the finger in the eye Romney managed to give every Arab who might have heard his speech.

Before that, he spent a few hours in London astonishing everyone with the sheer imbecility of his opinions. He's just landed in Poland, where aside from the aging and semi-senile Lech Walensa, he will soon find that the Poles are way past being talked down to by rich presidential wannabe twats from America.

Obama, all you have to do to win this one is shut up and let Romney keep talking.

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