Sunday, July 29, 2012

Here's why Nigeria needs elite US trained paramilitaries

Read this and it's obvious why the DEA needs to be over there training their elite cops. Seems their inept incompetent regular cops just let a Boko Haram terror mastermind escape! Just like that!

And, in case you're thinking, what's that possibly got to do with the DEA, read a little closer. Boko Haram has links to Al Qaeda of the Islamic Maghreb! Yup, those very Qaeda who the New York Times said are linked to the cocaine trade, where they make the money that finances their ongoing relentless terror campaign against America!

See how neatly the dots connect?

Don't laugh. A ton of cocaine will buy a lot of exploding underpants when it's sold in Europe. We gotta get these guys now before it's too late...

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