Saturday, April 12, 2014

BREAKTHROUGH!!! Scientists can now grow you a new vagina in the lab!

Yup, even if, like me, you never had one to begin with.

They can grow you a new nose in the petri dish too, in case you need a new nose more than you need a new vagina.

Let's just hope that when the medical team is attaching the replacement parts they go in the correct spots... otherwise there'll be a whole new literalism to the expression "c***face".

Apparently a lot of this research comes from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.

Baptists making artificial vaginas in petri dishes?

Get outta here!

That's gotta be the best punch-line ever just looking for a joke.

All joking aside, this strikes me as an astonishing level of frippery in a country where 50 million citizens cannot afford health insurance.

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