Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Pot-addled blogger instrumental in bringing down PQ!

We were all over the putrid Bill 60 long before Pauline called the ill-considered election.

And when she did, we didn't waste any time declaring what a nightmare Pierre Karl would be for the people of Quebec.

And while the Quebecois are not known for heeding Anglo voices, ours was a plea for sanity that they obviously could not resist.

Pauline's political career is over. Alas, PKP won his seat, so our neighbours may have to put up with a little huffing and puffing until he finds new challenges.

The unfortunate reality is that the man literally is the Berlusconi of Quebec, and has the resources to huff and puff very loudly for a long time.

But really, what was Pauline thinking? Bill 60 was a brazen attempt to legitimize very marginal racist sentiments; to make a problem where none existed, and then win an election on the basis of those racist sentiments.

The result of the election has proven that there are insufficient racists in Quebec to permit that kind of blatant exploitation of differences.

Or in other words, if my doctor or my teacher wears a turban or a kippa, that's just fine so long as they're competent in what they are doing for me. And that is as it should be.

All in all yesterday was a great day for Quebec and a great day for Canada.

Now if only the Anglo part of the country can do something about that Harper scourge in the next federal election...

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