Friday, April 4, 2014

Rob Ford brand lends invisibility to Foggy Dew pub

Apparently it's a bad bad thing to serve patrons after hours at a venue licensed to sell booze. When Rob Ford found himself thirsty in BC a couple months ago, his minders prevailed upon a local drinking establishment to keep the taps open past the official closing time.

That got them in a heap 'o trouble.

Fortunately, the storm has passed and it's back to business as usual for the Foggy Dew.

But I don't get the big deal. I remember when my missus of the time and her U of G girlfriends used to frequent a place in Guelph called the Baker Street Bistro. Alvin the proprietor got sick to death of them hanging around drinking their wine spritzers till all hours, so he made a deal with them. He'd go home and they could lock up when they left. Just don't let in any new folks, and we'll settle the tab next time we see you.

So the Alcoholic Feminists got free range of the Baker Street Bistro, and Alvin got hundreds of dollars of bar sales when the place was closed. Clearly a win-win for all concerned. And the gals knew they had a good thing going, so they never abused the priviledge.

That's a far cry from the only time I had free-range after hours at a drinking establishment. That involved locking the janitor and the stragglers of the wait staff in the walk-in freezer... how was I to know they had a gun in there? was I to know they could get out?

Anyway, that's another story...

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