Monday, April 28, 2014

Canada turns to private sector to honour Afghan veterans

When you read up on the folks behind the True Patriot Love Foundation it's really hard not to come away with the impression that the Honouring Afghan Veterans initiative is driven by a bunch of self-promoters eager to ingratiate themselves with the Harper gang.

You've got a guy at the top who is in the business of privatizing health care. A couple of other big dogs are minor players in the hedge fund industry. Top that up with a couple of PR industry insiders, and that's the "True Patriot Love Foundation."

These are the folks we've entrusted to honour our Afghanistan veterans.

May 9 is to be our memorial day to honour the Canadian servicemen and women who died in that country. When the party was initially announced, there was a bit of a kerfluffle over the fact that the promoters of this public-private joint-venture commemoration expected the families of the deceased to pay their own way to Ottawa for the festivities.

Isn't that rich? Ma and Pa from Moose Jaw can pay their own way to Ottawa to celebrate our achievements in Afghanistan which took the life of their child...

That gambit took enough heat that it's now been changed to "somebody" will pick up their travel costs. That somebody doesn't seem to be the Harper government, but rather the "foundation" that put this PR exercise together.

And what exactly are we celebrating here?

Who remembers the bullshit 'n bluster from the Hillier days when our boys were gonna go and fix those murdering scumbag Talibs pronto?

Then we had innumerable quotes from the big dogs, Harper and Defence Minister MacKay, to the effect that us Canadians are not the sort to cut and run and we're gonna be there to the bitter end blahblahblah...

We've long since cut and run, the murdering scumbags are poised to retake the country, 158 Canadians died for nothing, and we're going to have a celebration?

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