Thursday, April 3, 2014

Grooming Cuban "smart mobs" in the service of American Empire

The Associated Press has a fascinating story about how various US agencies set up a social media network in Cuba in an attempt to groom "smart mobs" to destabilize Cuba.

The ZunZuneo network operated for several years and was eventually shut down as its creators grew skittish about being discovered by Cuban security. The project was as usual well-concealed from the US taxpayer who was footing the bill.

There are a couple of salient points to take away from this story.

The US government literally knows no limits when it comes to deceiving its own citizens and the world at large about clandestine programs designed to stir up trouble in other countries.

There is no reluctance on the part of the tech community to participate in and profit from these unethical initiatives. That should be particularly worrying to those Americans who are unneasy with the increasingly cosy relationship between "big technology" and big government.

AP has discovered this particular plot aimed at destabilizing Cuba, but there can be no doubt that similar projects are in play in many other countries.

Read the full story here;

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