Thursday, April 3, 2014

Is the USA a fascist state?

Antonio Gramsci and Dwight Eisenhower probably didn't have a whole lot in common, but both of them warned us about the rise of fascism.

Of course Dwight had enough couth to avoid calling a spade a spade. He turned "fascism" into the military-industrial-complex.

Perhaps it's not quite that simple, but it's obvious, at least beyond the Beltway, that we've made it!

You see the war-mongers picking at scabs all around the world, hoping to stir things up. War-mongers today come almost exclusively from the war-profiteer class.

Which is to say they stand to profit from war, war preparations, war reparations, ceasefires, peace-keepers, negotiators, arbitrators, and war crimes of every description.

Age-old enmities may still play out on the field of battle, but today age-old enmities are typically financed by the new age war profiteers.

There's big money in hate.

Big money in war.

Is the USA a fascist state?

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