Monday, April 14, 2014

Canada revs up the anti-Russia rhetoric

It was a red-letter day for empty bravado out of Ottawa today. Big Steve and his right-hand man took turns warning the world that we are on the cusp of the most grave crisis to seize modernity since the end of the cold war.

Those mobs taking over government buildings in eastern Ukraine are "strictly the work of Russian provocateurs."

Funny how an anti-Russian mob taking over a government building in Kiev is an expression of the will of the people and worthy of our unquestioning support, but an anti-US mob doing the same in the east a few weeks later can only be orchestrated by Putin and must be stopped at all costs.

Meanwhile, the Canadian media is trotting out speculative "journalism" like this to prepare the ground for the concept of Canadian participation in a NATO occupation of Ukraine. That would be the shit-show to end all shit-shows.

NATO has had nothing to do since the fall of the Wall and therefore its huge bureaucracy has been busy fabricating reasons for being. As the sociology of organizations has long taught us, the primary mission of any large organization over time is to perpetuate itself. That's been a challenge.

That's led to a lot of posing and bluster and the occasional burst of activity; bombing Serbia or Libya, restoring democracy in Afghanistan, and so on.

The latter exercise should give the plump waddlers who populate NATO HQ in Brussels pause for thought. How did that 12 year campaign against illiterate tribalists, armed with the latest 1930's technology, turn out for NATO?

Then how do they suppose an occupation of Ukraine might go?

These NATO delusions of relevance, nowhere espoused more belligerently than in that insignificant backwater Ottawa, should be shot down before somebody gets hurt.

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