Saturday, April 26, 2014

Just Eat It; new food doc exposes truth about best before dates

Haven't seen the movie yet, but this new documentary about food looks like a must-see.

The Monsanto crowd wants you to believe the world needs their franken-foods to avoid mass starvation in the years ahead.


The world already produces enough food to feed 11 billion people. The reason we have hunger on this planet is because the consumerist model of food distribution demands that you go hungry if you can't afford the food. That's also why my cats eat while children in the latest starvation hot spot don't. It's not about being hungry and it's not about a shortage of food; it's about what you can and can't afford. The capitalist food chain would rather throw good food in the dumpster than forward it to hungry people.

Just Eat It calls out the "best before" scam for what it is; a supply chain management device. We gave you the goods on "best before" dates right here at Falling Downs a couple of years ago.

Once again, we were ahead of the curve.

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