Saturday, January 23, 2016

Best. Restaurant. Review... Ever!

I read restaurant reviews in the same spirit that I read movie reviews; I'll probably never get around to going, but it's nice to know what I'm missing.

Globe and Mail restaurant reviewer Chris Nuttall-Smith tunes me up on page M6 of today's paper ($4.50 at the Korean variety store in Wiarton) re: the pros and cons of a place called Parcae.

After the first two paragraphs I was drooling. "Devastatingly tasty?"

I'm in!

A few paragraphs later I was marvelling at the sheer virtuosity on display as Chris NS manages to work Depeche Mode, trip hop, and high-class Berlin sex dungeons into a restaurant review!

By the end I'm laughing so hard I have to get a friggin' kleenex to wipe my eyes!

So Buddy and other Buddy drop three hundred bucks on dinner and have to stop for cheeseburgers at The Burger Priest on the way home!

Ya gotta love it!

Here's a link.

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