Monday, January 25, 2016

Bob from Calgary proves trolls trump bloggers

I was dimly aware of Bob's story as his 15 minutes were garlanding his front door. After all, I read those news sites as obsessively as Bob comments on them. Good on you, Bob!

Darn right I'm jealous!

I've written what, almost 5,000 blog-posts?..  and the nearest I came to mainstream attention was when some junior BBC producer called, and then realized that the guy offering those razor-sharp insights into Middle East politics was the same guy finding crop circles on his farm that proved Justin Bieber/ Tony Blair/Bibi were at one time or another the Messiah.

That was the end of that!

Ya, I can see where that wouldn't sit well with the executive producer types at the Beeb.

But Bob does make one great central point in his centralist platform; in Canada we've by and large managed to avoid the over-heated extremes of the political spectrum, and we will continue to do so as long as we can keep the Ezras and the O'Learys at the margins.

As a committed leftralist I can honestly say I've never voted for a right-wing party.

But I've seldom voted for the left-wing party either.

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