Thursday, January 21, 2016

The fake fury over the Litvinenko Inquiry

It is widely acknowledged that once a week President Obama reviews a "death list" of prospective drone targets around the world. He peruses this list and gives the thumbs up or thumbs down on this entirely arbitrary and extra-judicial kill list, and signs off on who will live and who will die. Rumour has it that Obama tends to give the thumbs up to extra-judicial murder as a matter of course.

This is not a concern for any mainstream media platform in the Western World. We are, after all, the Nations of Virtue, and that makes the POTUS the most powerful and virtuous man on the planet.

Ten years ago one Alexander Litvinenko, a former Russian FSB agent who had defected to the UK in 2000, died in a London hospital. Litvinenko had made a good living in England, primarily as a "consultant" to British intelligence.

So a high-ranking Russians intelligence operative crosses to the other side and mysteriously dies a few years later... this is a scandal? A mystery? An outrage?

I think not.

There are certainly ways to quit the FSB or the CIA or the Mafia or the Hells Angels and live a long and blessed retirement. Writing books and giving critical interviews about your former employer probably isn't one of them. Litvinenko became the darling of the Putin-bashers, a role he embraced, and it's fair to say, he milked to the max.

So the fact that he had an unexpected demise a few years later should not have been unexpected to anyone who gives these matters more than a passing thought.

Nevertheless, authorities in the UK were determined to exploit his demise for maximum political advantage. Hence the Litvinenko Inquiry.

Said Inquiry revealed its findings today. Apparently Litvinenko's demise was "probably" approved by Mr. Putin himself.


I'd guess they're probably right.

A top spook crosses over and finds himself dead...

How is this headline news?

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