Friday, January 15, 2016

It's time for Europe's Muslim leadership to police their own

Hard on the heels of the Cologne New Year's Eve scandal comes news that the nearby city of Bornheim has banned migrants from the public baths. Why? Apparently there's a certain cohort of dimwitted young males who truly believe that women in swim-suits who allow the eyes of strangers to alight on their bodies are making themselves available.

This requires a stronger response than having the local social workers ask them to stop being naughty. If you read up on early immigrant communities in America it's common to find instances of self-policing. If you were a youthful idiot bringing shame to the Irish/Polish/Italian community in Boston or New York or Philadelphia, it was only a matter of time before powerful forces within your own community would knock on your door and tell you to smarten up. Bring more shame to your community, and those forces would be knocking on more than your door.

It worked. One of the historical verities of immigrant assimilation in America is the fact that immigrant communities wanted the respect of the broader society. Those among them whose behavior undermined that respect were given some assistance to see the error of their ways, and failing that, they were weeded out.

By their own.

That needs to start happening in places like Bornheim and Cologne.

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