Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Toronto Star boss calls SunPostMedia boss a liar

Oh, you gotta love it when the Big Dogs get into a catfight!

And you gotta love how John Honderich hedges the truth... he doesn't out and out call Godfrey a liar; he simply suggests he is "trifling with the truth."

Jeez, I wish I'd been acquainted with that particular turn of phrase in my childhood!

Honest, mom, I wasn't lying, I was just trifling with the truth!

Into your room (wack) you little shit (wack) trifling with the truth (wack) is LYING! (wack, wack, wack!).

Mr. Honderich is of course trifling with the truth just a bit himself on this one. Claiming that Torstar offered "a bid of around $800 million" is more than a little disingenuous.

So do tell, Mr. Honderich; how much of that $800 million was fresh unencumbered cash, and how much was taking over CanWest debt obligations?

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