Friday, January 8, 2016

Shucking and jiving our way to a new foreign policy

No matter how toxic Canada's foreign policy was in the Baird-Harper era, it had one redeeming feature; it was predictable.

Saudi Arabia was good.

Israel was even better.

Iran was Satan-on-Earth...

With POTHEAD at the helm, all that stability is in flux.

We were outraged at that mass execution in Saudi Arabia the other day, but just blink, and you're seeing this story. Yup, we should be strengthening our ties with Saudi Arabia!

Meanwhile, after a stink-up about children finding themselves on the terrorist no-fly list, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale comes out with the news that airlines will no longer have to vet anyone under 18 years of age.

Which sounds really great! After all, we're inviting in a shitload of folks from all those Islamic countries we and our allies have been bombing, and if we were to deny their children airplane rides... heck, they wouldn't even be able to get here in the first place!

And then you read something like this.

Oopsie! A fourteen year old can be a suicide bomber?... Guess Ralph Goodale could be a little bereft of actual facts, eh?

Oh, it's a mess alright...

But the think tank here at Falling Downs has a suggestion.

Maybe if we stopped bombing the Muslim nations, they'd stop screwing with us?

Give it some thought, Mr. POTHEAD.

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