Monday, January 11, 2016

Delay, deny, and let 'em die...

For the think tank here at Falling Downs, one of the more odious Harperite deceptions was how they loved to wrap themselves in the flag and pose as super-patriots while at the same time stabbing the rank and file vets of the Canadian Forces in the back.

We  certainly weren't the only folks to notice. Former Canadian Forces Sergeant David MacLeod had a book out last year, A Dirty Little Skirmish, that gave the lie to that fake Harperite patriotism.

Now there's another book coming out, authored by Colonel Pat Stogran, former 'Veterans' Ombudsman,' appointed by Harper himself to look out for the interests of Canadian Forces veterans; Rude Awakening;the Government's secret war against veterans.

Big Steve must have figured Colonel Stogran was going to be sufficiently dazzled by the prospect of hanging with the big dogs that he'd forget all about his fellow veterans.

That was obviously a gross underestimation of Colonel Stogran.

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