Thursday, January 7, 2016

They've got POTUS, we've got POTHEAD

That's short for Pierre's Offspring The Hottie Elected As Dictator, in case you're wondering.

So how's POTHEAD doing these first few months?

Too soon to tell in my books. I certainly liked that "hey, let's make a guy with a turban Minister of Defence" gambit, but that could have been a deke for all I know. Maybe the turban guy is gonna make the Harper crew sorry they didn't shove him in there back when Mackay was fucking up the file.

Time will tell...

Speaking of which, it seems that the "biggest win in Canadian export history" is coming back to bite the new government. That was the sale of 5,000 armored cars out of General Dynamics London Ontario plant which was announced two years ago. At the time, the mainstream media were up and down about this. The business pages were clapping so hard their hands fell off. Among the editorializers you saw even in those early days some concerns about the appalling human rights record of Saudi Arabia.

Well, now that POTHEAD is parked in the big chair, there's a clamour rising that he should cancel the deal. This is already way louder than any calls that arose two years ago not to do the deal in the first place.

POTHEAD needs to take a deep breath and ignore those braying imbeciles. The think tank here at Falling Downs spelled it out way back when the deal was first announced.

Those 5,000 armored cars are no threat to human rights in Saudi Arabia. In fact, they are a giant step forward. Those armored vehicles will be used to transport the Bangladeshi guest workers to the beach or to the border, wherever they wish to go. Not to mention giving the regulars in Riyadh's underground gay scene a safe ride home at the end of the evening...

So stand tall, POTHEAD; don't let those media hucksters talk you into cancelling this deal.

After all, 3,000 Canadian jobs depend on it.

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