Saturday, January 23, 2016

NEWS FLASH: the rich should intervene in politics!

You mean they don't now and they haven't before?

That's the latest bullshitic twattery emanating from Davos, courtesy of hedge-fund sharpie Anthony Scaramucci.

While Tony may be a hedge-fund sharpie, he doesn't seem that sharp overall. He's backing Jeb for the the 2016 White House race?

Get outta here!

And what's this crap about the government taking more than 50% of every dollar he "earns?" Having been a key cog in The Mittster's run at the White House in the 2012 campaign, Tony would be well acquainted with the fact that his fellow hedgie got tons of ink over his paying a mere 14% on his declared 20 million per year income.

So hedgie Mitt pays 14%, but hedgie Tony pays over 50%?

Not bloody likely!.. that's just raw sewage if you ask me.

The other obvious omission in the discussion about Romney's taxes was that carefully crafted disclaimer that this number referred to Mitt's declared US income. Hey, it's obvious as can be that the reason hedgies have bank accounts in tax havens like the Caymans is so they can AVOID declaring income in the US!

They're not called tax havens for nothing!

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