Wednesday, September 21, 2016

CNN finds the face of America's white working class

"She [Hillary Clinton] wants to shut down the coal industry -- that's gonna put me out of a job. Wouldn't be real smart to vote for somebody who's gonna put you out of a job." -- Ryan Barnette, 34

The face of the white working class belongs to Ryan Barnette. I'm guessing Ryan's mug was chosen to represent the white working class because his picture ticks a lot of boxes for the stereotypes that media elites harbour about those people; scruffy, dirty, obviously a marginally literate Trump supporter with considerably less than a college education... probably looking to score his next fix of hillbilly heroin. Maybe he can't wash up because his trailer doesn't have running water?

Stereo-types aside, we learn that Ryan is a coal miner in West Virginia. Talk about an endangered species! You'd have to ask CNN why they splashed his picture all over their platform without giving the guy a chance to wash up. That would seem to me a very basic courtesy, but hey, the picture works better like this.

You're being used, dude!

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