Friday, September 16, 2016

Shocking truth revealed: Reverend Al Sharpton actually a white supremacist in black-face


How else to explain THIS photo:

How else to explain this handshake with the ultimate white supremacist of all time, Donald Trump?

Ya, I know the part of Reverend Al sticking out the top of his suit jacket always looks black, and that in itself should be a tip off. How many black activists do you know who wear suit jackets 24/7?

That's a white mans gig right there.

If Al was a genuine black dude he'd be wearing a hoodie, would he not?

And look at the hands in that handshake. Are those not two white hands in a brotherly grip?


Unless maybe Trump is not the uber-racist that he's been painted as by the mainstream media...

Unless that was a handshake of genuine collegiality we're looking at here...

Trump and Sharpton; brothers under the skin-tone...

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