Sunday, September 25, 2016

Shits and giggles on the campaign trail

It all started innocently enough. After a dinner party at Trump's palatial penthouse in Manhattan, Donald and his pals the Clintons sketched out the rough outlines of a Trump '16 campaign.

It wouldn't take more than a few months out of #therealdonaldjtrump's career of perpetual self-promotion, and, by golly, those few months would be consumed with perpetual self-promotion! There's a win-win for sure!

Trump, a dyed-in-the-wool Manhattan liberal, would run as a Republican, just to stir up shit in elephant land for the duration of the primaries. Make the Republicans look like dork-shits while making Hillsy look golden in comparison.

No serious person in America, including Donald J. Trump and the Clintons, dreamed that Donald might actually win the Republican nomination over that stable of establishment bum-boys.

But he did.

And that's where things started to go off the rails for the Clinton-Trump conspiracy to take over America.

Suddenly Mr. Trump realized that maybe, just maybe, he could gorf down the whole enchilada all by himself. Yes, all he had to do was stab his old pal Hillsy in the back, and the oval office was as good as won.

So he went for it.

And by God, look at where he is today! Running neck and neck with Hillsy even in the most egregiously biased polls!

Even after the entirety of the Republican establishment's Deep State PNAC apparatchiki has joined the Hillsy camp.

Even after the entirety of the mainstream media propaganda apparatus has jettisoned every last principle of professional journalism to dump on Trump.

He's a racist! (Let's just ignore the entire pool of Trumpian imagery that suggests he was more than cordial with the likes of Jesse Jackson, Ali, Don King, Reverend Al, etc...)

He's a misogynist! (Impossible to deny that he has referred to certain female critics in wildly misogynist terms.)

He's a cheat! (Hey, the only people who file 12,000 page tax returns are really rich people who pay zero taxes, but I'm sure it was all legal.)

He has made complimentary comments about Bad Vlad, the foreign leader most reviled by the PNAC crowd because he hasn't signed off on the Brzezinski plan for America's full-spectrum dominance of the planet in perpetuity.

What the elites don't realize is that every one of these charges just endears Trump to the rubes who long ago turned their backs on the contagion of political correctitude.

They just figure he called some fat ugly bitch a fat ugly bitch?...  This bald breach of PC etiquette should have voters turning their backs on Trump in droves.

In fact, it has the opposite effect.

And doesn't he have a profoundly problematic relationship with the elephant in the elephant room, AIPAC? One day he's going to be "more balanced" in his approach to Israel/Palestine, and the ziocentric media panics...

But today Bibi pays a house-call... what to make of that?

Who knows?

Trump is a wild card, a loose canon,  and at least another half dozen cliches all rolled up in a phenom unlike anything American politics has seen in the modern era.

In November he will destroy Hillary in the election.

By January he'll be dead.

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  1. That's all great till the last sentence... guess I got that one wrong.