Sunday, September 25, 2016

Weekend in Wiarton

The Korean is now charging me $5.25 for the Saturday Globe and Mail.

That's a high tariff to get the latest insights from the likes of Renzetti, Saunders, and Wente. God knows they're not compelled by the Korean Korner Store Mafia to pay $5.25 to read my shit.

That makes the Sunday Star a veritable bargain; not only do I get the Toronto-centric pundits, but for less than three bucks I get the creme de la creme of the NYT punditocracy thrown in to boot, with that marvellous NYT insert that shows up every Sunday in my Sunday Star.  

Ya, for less than three bucks I get world-class bullshitters like Friedman, Cohen, Brooks, and Douhtat.

I'm rapidly coming to a place where I'm going to skip the Saturday Globe, save $5.25, and just go to the world-class guys on Sunday.

Which leaves me with a bit of a problem; how to fill the time I used to spend turning the pages of Canada's national newspaper of record?

Newspaper wars may be what they are, but we're still stuck in Wiarton. Picked up my Saturday paper and headed to Dockside Willies for breakfast...


The place was packed! As in so packed there was no place to open up your weekend paper! Billy-Bob with the jacked-up Ford pick-up has a raging success on his hands! Who'd a thunk it?

Back when the place was known as Coal-shed Willie's I don't recall ever having to walk out the door because it was too busy.

Fuck success!

So we headed back up the hill to the Top Spot. No view of the bay, no outside patio, but really good straight-up breakfasts every day all the time.

Mind you, they could be succumbing to the siren call of success too... I notice their famous Sunday breakfast buffet has now migrated to include Saturday... the thin edge of the wedge, to be sure.

But at least you can still find a booth in which to unfold your weekend newspaper.

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