Sunday, September 4, 2016

Thandie Newton finally discovers racism in Hollywood...

... but still professes shock that there are not more black faces in Vogue magazine?

Here's a news flash for ya, Thandie; I can't imagine that there's very many Americans left who give a shit one way or the other about what kind of faces appear in Vogue.

What this Guardian "human interest" story is telling us is that editors in mainstream "liberal" media are still flogging the dead horse of the identity politics/star-struck journalist crowd. That's becoming a really small crowd.

No news there... seriously, what relevance does Vogue magazine have today?

About as much relevance as who won Trump's Miss USA contest last year, which is to say none.

What's newsworthy is that both Hollywood and The Guardian are running to catch up with the times, but the times have left them behind.

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