Wednesday, September 7, 2016

When I heard a billionaire's apology

Not for being a billionaire, of course.

Fact is, it's not the fault of the billionaires that they have too much money. It's primarily the fault of the tax codes. Blame the politicians.

No, billionaire JK Irving was apologising to me (not just me, but to a crew of marine steel-fitters) for the fact that the ineptitude of his management team left us sitting in drydock with nothing to do.

The Irvings had a curious relationship with the people of New Brunswick. It wasn't a straight up love-hate deal. Lots of folks who took an Irving paycheque quite hated the Irvings. Other's didn't mind them. My personal experience was that they kept the bar high and treated you fairly if you made any effort at all to meet it.

Nothing wrong with that.

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