Thursday, September 15, 2016

Thunderstruck; Axl, ACDC, and the collapse of Western Civilization

Before you judge me, take a gander at Axl fronting ACDC in this video.

You gotta admit he pulls it off...

Even though you know in your heart that this is as phoney as Ford putting a Ferrari badge on the nose of its latest Mustang.

Everything has become interchangeable/expendable...

Brian not available?

You can just imagine the suits making frantic calls to see how they might salvage the latest ACDC tour.

Not only did they save the tour, they simultaneously resurrected the careers of a dozen or so aging rockers well past their stale-dates.

And the ticket-buying public bought up those tickets like there's no tomorrow.

When recycled nostalgia is the biggest show in town, you know we're only heading down...

... and there is no "tomorrow."

So enjoy Axl fronting ACDC while you can!

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