Wednesday, September 14, 2016

We are not afraid

"We" being a bunch of multi-millionaire pop-culture superstars who have signed on to the project of convincing the masses that refugee/immigrants are nothing to be afraid of.

And they don't have anything to be afraid of. After all, the likes of Keith Richards or Yoko have so many levels of handlers between themselves and the public that it's unlikely that they'll ever set eyes on a refugee, never mind having their bottoms groped at a public bath. And it's not as if a recent immigrant is gonna be bumping them out of their jobs or anything, is it?

Note that lovely second paragraph; "We are not afraid" is a global campaign aimed at raising funds for the refugee crisis and victims of political and religious violence.

And where are all those refugees coming from, pray tell? Why, mostly from Islamic states that have been in the cross-hairs of America's "war on terror." Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan...

So our governments here in the Nations of Virtue continue to pursue the policy of bombing Muslim countries, and our pop-culture mega-stars are going to rally us to provide alms for the refugees our policies create? Almost looks like a perpetual motion machine, doesn't it?

And just what has it cost to create the refugee crisis? Here's a timely story from The Atlantic. Writer Uri Friedman posits that the actual bombings and invasions have run to about three trillions post 9/11, and the all-in cost when we factor in the war debt will run closer to five trillions.

Five trillion dollars to create a refugee crisis, and then our entertainment industry elite will put on a full court press to raise a few millions to ameliorate that crisis?

Sounds like bullshit to me.

Here's an idea; why don't we just stop bombing those people? I mean, with all due respect to W and the rest of the elite cretins who claim not to understand why those people hate us, I think they hate us because we've been bombing them to ratshit for the last fifteen years.

Stop that and you'll stop the refugee crisis.

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