Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Sean Penn's unfortunate masturbation/hell fixation

I see where one-time Hollywood A-lister Sean Penn has got himself some headlines for his ruminations on the 2016 White House campaign.

Yup, it's either vote Clinton or masturbate your way into hell.

I'm no psycho-analyst, but I suspect Sean's Catholic upbringing may have something to do with his hell & masturbation theme, mainly because there's pretty much no other group on the planet as fixated on that particular diad than the Catholics.

What impact will Penn's thoughts have on the campaign for the White House? Penn probably just gave Trump a good goose in the polling numbers. Acting mojo aside, what the fuck does Sean Penn actually know about anything?

Look at his Haiti schtick. What's he accomplished there? Nothing. At least nothing positive. But his reflexive Clinton cheer-leading has left him a vocal supporter of the reactionary status quo in that benighted land, a land that has been more fucked up by the Clinton White House than by anything else in recent memory, with the possible exception of the 2010 earthquake.

Penn has a lot in common with Trump. Thanks to America's dysfunctional education system, there's a lot of folks who assume that just because somebody they saw on a screen says something, it is worthy of their attention.

Whether your name is Penn or Trump, that's not necessarily true.

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