Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Ford Motor Company to "migrate" all small vehicle production to Mexico

Hard to believe that Ford's CEO would actually deploy the word "migrate" to describe his company's on-going commitment to the destruction of manufacturing in America.

Yup, Ford factories don't move because ruthless greedbags make cut-throat decisions to further plump up their already record profits. No, it's much more organic than that... they migrate, like a migrating caribou herd, or migrant workers or something.

Mr. Fields is gonna have to have a serious chat with Mr. Trump about that wall Trump wants to build. It's gonna prevent Mexican migrants from heading back to Mexico to take all those jobs Ford is shipping out of the USA.

And what a timely story to rebut all those revisionists who claim that American manufacturing jobs are being destroyed by automation, not by "free trade" agreements. If, per Barry Lando and many others, it was really automation and robotics that was killing American jobs, Ford would have been more than happy to build a new automated plant in... Detroit?

But no. CEO Fields is migrating Ford production to Mexico. Lando et al want us to believe that's got nothing to do with Mexico's exponentially lower manufacturing wages and everything to do with robotics.


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