Friday, September 23, 2016

Guardian unearths vast anti-Clinton conspiracy again

You remember the Guardian, one-time bastion of all that was good about the fourth estate?

Well, they've come a long way. As in a long way down the toilet. Dispassionate dispenser of objective truths?

Forget about it.

Take a gander at this Guardian scoop; Who is Palmer Luckey, and why is he funding pro-Trump trolls?

Palmer Luckey is the kid who founded Oculus, which he sold to Zuckerberg for 14 trillion dollars when he was only eleven years old. Or something.

According to the Guardian, Luckey has been using his vast fortune to fund anti-Hillary trolls on Reddit... because, I guess, that could be a game changer???

The Guardian has made a name for itself by laying waste to all the conventions of what was once considered proper journalism with its anti-Trump vendetta over the past year. Little do they realize that anti-Clinton trolls don't need funding.

Their motivation is the fact that they truly believe Hillary would be so much worse!

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