Friday, August 16, 2013

Canada celebrates two years of "free trade" with Colombia

It's happy days for Canada-Colombia Free Trade!

Here's how minister of International Trade Ed Fast spins it in a press release,

“Our government’s ambitious job-creating, pro-trade plan is benefiting Canadian workers and their families,” said Minister Fast. “The trade agreement with Colombia has encouraged significant growth in Canadian exports. In fact, since this agreement came into force, Canadian exports to Colombia have increased by almost 29 percent.” 

It's all happy news for workers and their happy families in Canada, but maybe not so much in Colombia.

While Canadians were getting the happy talk from Ed Fast, the "faggots, guerrillas, and trade unionists" (aka the working class) in Colombia are getting death threats.

Thank goodness Foreign Minister John Baird has been lobbying to permit the sale of armored personnel carriers to the government of Colombia... they'll be able to protect the faggots, guerrillas, and trade unionists even more effectively than they have in the past!

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